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Wah Pedal Hackery

My Line 6 Toneport UX8 has an input for an expression pedal; I ordered an el-cheapo volume pedal (Behringer) online only to find it didn’t really work.  Looks like the Line 6 box is expecting to be hooked to the ends of a 10K potentiometer, not to take a voltage input and compare it to a reference.  (which IMO would have been a better scheme)  Luckily I had an old Crybaby that hadn’t worked in years.  I got a new pot for it, gutted the internals, and wired the pot to the output jack and the switch terminals to the input (for use as a footswitch controller).  The only really tricky bit was that the pot mounting shaft wasn’t long enough and I stripped out the threads on the mounting nut.  If racing motorcycles has taught me anything, it’s that any mechanical problem can be solved with a proper application of zipties.

Presto!  After setting up the driver inputs, I can now control the virtual wah inside the Line 6 guitar amp module in Record (and record its values), and the on-off switch even works like it did back when it was analog.  Rock on!